Monday, March 17, 2014

Jan thru March 2014 News

Chong Family Announcement...
Ben was accepted to BYU starting this summer semester!  Plan on Sunday dinners with us Ben!  Congrats to Ben...and Carri!

Pictures are from Ben's 18th birthday dance party.  Five friends, including Ben celebrated their 18th birthdays together...the word got out that there was a great dance party and 500 kids showed up to celebrate.  The chaperons had their work cut out for them that night.  Happy birthday Ben!

Girls Choice dance...Ben you're looking good!  And your date is beautiful as well.

Warenski News
Cierra was awarded the prestigious Super Knight Award for Service at her school.  This award is only given to a select few.  Congrats Cierra!


Sarah has traded tumbling for dance, at least until May.  She really loves it and participates!  Last time I put her in dance, she spun in the corner while singing to herself.  Now she does chasses!  And she LOVES the mirror in the studio, so that helps a ton!  The Preschool class focuses on ballet and tap.  She's not as excited about tap but she does love her shoes. 

David talks non stop.  He has surprised others with his vocabulary and he remembers everything I tell him.  He FINALLY gets to go to preschool next year and I think he will be ready.  He only makes the cut off by two days, so thankfully he was an August boy.  David also begs to wear underwear.  I let him for an hour at a time but night time and naps require a diaper.  He feels very big sitting on the potty and I can't wait until this is a regular thing.  And hopefully Sarah will follow.  You know how everyone says, "Don't worry, nobody ever went to Kindergarten in diapers."  Well, she might.  We'll see.

A couple of months ago, I received my second calling in our branch.  I have the privilege of working with the older primary girls at Achievement Days.  Our group is small (just like every other part of our branch) but these girls are a lot of fun and I enjoy working with them. 

Much love, the Gales

Maria's cute kids!
Wow do they remind us of Maria and Steven in their younger years...

Victory for Spencer at his Pinewood Derby!  Wahoo!

Head shots from the Little Mermaid play at Orangevale Open...more to come!

Dear Family,                                                                                                             March 2014
Yes, we are still alive and doing well.  The New Year came in at top speed and we are just now slowing down a bit…a bit I say!  My desk is looking a little more organized; Christmas cards filed, bills paid, 2014 calendar updated, Primary program at least looked at, school projects on their way, etc.  It feels good.

Happy New Year!

So maybe just a quick rundown of the last few months…more for my family history than yours!

Bianca announced that she was engaged earlier this year and then became dis-engaged with renewed plans for her future.  She thinks she would like to go back to school in the fall and we hope she does.  She is a good student.  We also hear she has a new job but not sure where she works.   

Jake closed out his basketball season a few weeks ago.  Both he and his team worked hard all season long and it paid off.  Jake has become an accomplished basketball player and quite fun to watch.  His coach was a little intense but Jake liked him and was very willing to put in the hours to be good.  He also played with our ward young men’s team.  We are not sure what comes next.  Hopefully a few more A’s on the report card!

 Kate has had a busy two months of fun.  She celebrated her 12th birthday with several different parties, one being a friend party in January.  She invited about 20 girls to a “Birthday Movie Night” at our house.  Kels and Jake decided to find something to do, away from the giggling girls…a nice dinner out.  Kate had a blast.  She is becoming a beautiful young lady with lots of reasons to be social.  I noticed that most of the girls she invited to the party had that same social agenda.  It was a fun movie night.

While Jake played basketball day in and day out Kate had a few things going on at school as well.

Kate’s Sixth Grade classes had a sock hop for Valentine’s Day.  Kate seems to think the 50’s were a lot of fun!

After the Sock Hop Kels and the kids took off for Las Vegas for the long President’s weekend.  They had a great time.  Loved being with Grandma Chatfield, loved the warm weather, the fishing, the entertainment on the LV strip, the Pawn Shop, and just getting away from the norm.

Jake even found a guy at a nearby park to play basketball with.  Jake said he was a really nice guy that had recently been cut from his basketball team.  Jake said they must have a really good basketball team cause this guy was pretty good. 

Another event that has taken up a lot of Kate’s time was rehearsing for the school play.  Kate just recently performed in Cinderella.  She loves to be on stage and the play was quite entertaining.  Kate was one of the very important dancing, singing mice.  She and another girl were being considered for the part of Cinderella but unfortunately Kate was far taller than the Prince.  Kate’s shorter friend Olivia was given the part…and did a fabulous job! 

Kels continues to stay busy from sun up to sun down.  He’s looking forward to the time change.  So he can go fishing with Jake after work!  Kels is enjoying his new job.  He calculates that he will have his accounting hours for his CPA by late spring or early summer.  That went by fast!  Then he can officially add the letters CPA after his name.  Not sure what that will do but at least he’s finally arrived!  We appreciate his hard work and dedication and his ability to remain pretty happy all along the way.

Like I said at the beginning of this letter…it feels good to be organized and able to contribute to fun things like the Jackson Chronicles.
Love you all.
Kellie, Kels, and Kids

Hi family!
it is Kate! a lot has been happening lately! I am in a play,I had the sock hop ( 50s dance valentines party), My friend birthday party (which was in january), Dr. Suess day which is where we read for part of the day, and my young womens basketball! we have won all of our games besides one because we had to forfeit. ( I was the only one there)  I have been having so much fun lately! Sad thing is today ( February 28th 2014) is my last play for elementry school! ( There goes my easy chance for getting in plays now) have a nice day! 
Randomly yours Kate!


Friday, January 24, 2014

In Honor of Edna H. Jackson

Dad, Mom, Cathy (Woffinden/Fardanesh) and I were able to attend Aunt Edna's funeral yesterday.  I've heard lots of Aunt Edna and Uncle Marvin stories most of my growing up life.  We heard more fun stories yesterday at her funeral and couldn't help thinking about Aunt Melvina and Aunt Myrtle as well.  What a fun bunch of ladies that could do anything...and I mean anything!    As I listened yesterday to her children and grandchildren share their memories there were several little tidbits I remembered and wanted to pass along to you.

Aunt Edna was a strong LDS woman that loved a bit of tea every day except Sunday.  She said she just didn't feel good about drinking her tea on Sunday.  She ate 2 veggies with every meal.  One of her most memorable quotes was "Hoe to the end of the ROW!"  Never quit.  Edna had beautiful gardens.

She loved to fix pancakes for everyone out the field, also wheat hearts with bits of bacon, all kinds of vegetables, especially zucchini.  She baked gingersnaps and raisin oatmeal cookies.  She loved to serve and especially feed people.  She would say, "Let's have a bite to eat."  And it was always more than just a bite!  Her bishop said that last Christmas she was pleased to tell him that she had put up the Christmas lights by herself!

Her children said there must have been a very happy reunion in heaven as she was greeted by her husband, daughter that died very young and her son Steven that suddenly passed away a couple of months ago

She lived to be 101 years young!

Dad is referred to as Myron in this program.  He opened the services with a beautiful, heartfelt prayer that included his love for family and the eternal sealing blessings of the temple.  

Aunt Edna and Uncle Marvin used to take all their grandchildren to Flaming Gorge every summer for fishing trips and fun.  Edna loved to fish!

After hearing all the stories I couldn't help but think of all the extended family members that had such a great influence on Dad as he was growing up.  I'm sure Doreen and Gayle feel the same way.  "Family is everything" Aunt Edna would say.  And I agree.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy 12th Birthday Kate

Today is the Day!  Kate has been waiting for months...maybe years for this big day.  Kate is 12 years old and now a Beehive in Young Womens.  To celebrate we had a huge family dinner with all of Kate's favorites.  Things like Ben's fettuccine, honey lime chicken enchiladas, parmesan cheese toasts, etc.  Everything starchy that Kate loves.  (We did have a few vegetables as well).

And CAKE and ice cream.

Grandma Jackson made a cuddle quilt that Kate absolutely loves!

Kate is haBEE to be 12!

Kate wishes to thank you all for the great gifts and for helping her have such a nice celebration dinner.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Deadheads!

Stacy sent pictures of one of the Jackson traditions...or at least the John Jackson traditions.
Grateful Dead t-shirts for everyone!

 Ben looking awesome on his water polo team.  Merry Christmas from San Clemente!

And from Fair Oaks.

Nice trip to Oregon.  Need the details Mom and Dad!