Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chatfield Chatter

(Written by Kels for his family newsletter)
Hi Guys, Grandpa Kels here. No not that one; nor that one; I mean the one that’s married to Grandma Kellie. Kendall Lynn Hardy was born to Bianca Chatfield on October 20, and we’re grateful that mother and daughter are both doing well. Kendall was 8 pounds 5 ounces and 21 inches at birth, and she seems to get chubbier every day. Jake and I are scared to hold her yet, she seems so small. Kate and Kellie love to hold her though, and after a few weeks she’ll seem less scary to Jake and me. Bianca is grateful for well-wishes and prayers in their behalf, and reports that they’re doing great.

Mom (Lois) wants in on the fun, and is due in from Las Vegas on Halloween. Kellie loves having lots of food and treats on Halloween, so if Mom’s not too tired from her trip, maybe we can talk her into coming back to our place for awhile before we take her to her motel. We’re excited to see her here!

Speaking of Vegas, early in October I took a weekend trip down to see Mom. As usual she took great care of me while I was there. Marg was also great about coming by and taking us out to dinner. It was her birthday, but we couldn’t figure out a way to make the birthday girl let go of the check. We’re grateful for Margaret for many things, not least of which is the way that she treasures family.

Writing about birthdays and family reminds me that it was great talking with Ruth on her birthday. We laughed about how you can just do what you want to do when you’re 60 years old. I realized later that most of the people reading the Chatter do what they want to do, no matter how old we are. We’re a pretty independent bunch I guess. You guys are already humble and want to do the right thing; I’ll try to remember to want to listen to others, instead of just being the knucklehead I tend to be.

Jake has been playing lots of basketball and doing lots of fishing. We work hard to try to balance that with his schoolwork and his Church service; sometimes it even works. Jake’s grades were not great going into the last couple of weeks of the first term, but when he heard he needed to bring up his grades to try out for the school’s basketball team, he got seriously motivated and worked really hard. Final marks are not in yet, but it looks like he made it. During the past couple of weeks, because the deer hunt makes it dangerous to be in creek beds in the mountains, Jake and I have been fishing near parks and through the golf course in Hobble Creek Canyon. Last Saturday Jake caught more fish than I did (what’s new), but I found about a dozen golf balls. Jake doesn’t even bother with the golf balls anymore; we might have 100 of them, and we always choose to go fishing instead of golfing when we have some time.

Kate had an outstanding first term in her first year of junior high. She’s a natural at the big kid school. She loves her teachers, especially her math teacher who is also the cross-country and track coach. Kate loves to run, and so she tried out for the cross-country team this fall. She made the team, and ran every day after school, either during practice or during the weekly meets. She kept getting better and better as the season wore on, regularly beating her personal best times. Recently the school district had the district cross-country meet to end the season, and Kate placed 10th. Now she’s excited to try to stay in shape so that she’ll be ready for track season in the spring. She actually likes sprinting better than the 1.5 mile cross country races, so it will be fun to watch what happens.

Kellie is making being PTA president at the junior high school look easy, at least to an outsider like me. She’s got some good people working with her, which is always the secret I guess, but Kel is good at collecting good people and motivating them to do their best work. She also serves as the Primary Chorister at church, and so she’s busy trying to get things polished up for the Primary program in early November.

I’ll take a break from the young single adult ward so that I can enjoy the singing on that Sunday. It’s fun serving with the YSA ward, but I miss seeing the people here in the home ward. Halloween will help, I’ll get to see the kids and some of the parents. My big news was that I finally completed the last element of getting my CPA (working under the direction of a CPA for a year), and I got my license in the mail the other day. Now I just have to figure out a way to make it pay.

We love you all, and pray for your well-being. We are grateful for all of you. Love, Kels

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Celebrating 82 years young with a ride up the mountain, family dinner and a really cool "Rakkasan Jackason" hat!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

RSVP Jackson Family Reunion TODAY!

Today is the day!  Do you have your reservation in yet?

Families that have RSVP'd thus far:
Chatfields (4)
Chongs (2 maybe 3)
Holtrys (5)
Warenskis (2 maybe 5)
Grandma and Grandpa (2)
Scott & Stacy, kids (maybe)

Please call if you think you and your family might be able to come, even if for part of the time.
Going to be fun!

Joe to Visit Utah Family

Joe's coming to town!  

From Sunday, May 25th through Wednesday May 28th.  We would like to have a big Sunday dinner at 5:00 PM at Mom and Dad's house (Grandma and Grandpa).  If you are able to come please let Grandma know.

April/May 2014 News

Happy Mother's Day...from the favorite child!

Ben and Lauren took good care of their mom for Mother's Day.  A little MD breakfast on the lanai.  Looks yummy.

Ben made it to finals swim meet.  He now goes on to state.

Smooooth Ben on the beach serenading!

Josh is keeping the dance floor busy!

Wedding plans coming along for Mik!

Chatfield Chatter                                                                                 April/May 2014

The rush to end the school year is on!  School projects, assignments, performances, graduations.  It’s all important and don’t even think about missing a single one! 

Kate has performed at least 15 out of the 30 days last month…or at least it seems like it.  Hobble Creek Choir has been invited to perform for many audiences and they have had so much fun doing it.  Especially when Kate gets to see cousins in Logan (USU)!  Pictures are worth a thousand words…right?

While at the Red Barn performance we talked Jake into sitting on the wooden fence and snapped a few pics of him as well.

Jake is now 15 and thinking about a driver’s license (or at least a learners permit), getting paid to umpire little league baseball games, more fishing and SUMMER.

Jake was given the opportunity to help a friend in the neighborhood with his Eagle Project.  The young man is an amazing swimmer (recruited by BYU) and wanted to give under-privileged children in Springville an opportunity learn how to swim.  So John and Jake and a crew of many other youth in our community held classes for several weekends in April.  John’s mom offered this review of the project once completed:
“As I watched the ten teenagers who offered to help John with his project, I was impressed with what these youth were doing.  There was so much noise and enjoyment in the pool as these teens helped these kids learn to swim.  I loved seeing them work--they were laughing, smiling, and enjoying helping as they gave of their time.  I wish I had a You Tube video of the morning, and it would be titled "Teens That Care!"   I share a few pictures that I took, and I want you to notice not only the smiles on the second and third graders, but also the cute teen helpers.  They are awesome!!  It was a great morning--one that I wish all of Springville could see these great kids in action!”

Kate placed (1st in 100, 3rd in 200) at the Hershey Track Meet.  Because of her wins she is now invited to the district meet.  She loves running, especially sprinting.  Pictured here with the Springville/Mapleton Royalty. 

We saw Bianca on Mother’s Day.  She came to hear Kate give her first Sacrament meeting talk and then had dinner with us.  It was nice to get caught up with her and find out what is happening in her life.  Kate prepared and served a delicious Mother’s Day breakfast which included a poem she wrote for me.  Jake was on time to church without me bugging him too much (that is a BIG deal), and Bianca brought me flowers in a wooden planter box she made.  She knows I love spring flowers.  Kels, of course was slaving away in the Singles Ward, but the bishop gave him special permission to leave for a few minutes to come hear Kate speak.  Kels and kids made dinner for all the moms in the family.  It was a very nice day. 

We are sprinting to the end of May and then we’ll be ready for Summer fun!
Girls Camp
Youth Conference

Jackson’s Baptism in Fair Oaks, CA
Scout High Uinta Trip
Mikaila and Justin’s wedding

Jackson Family Reunion
My Story Matters projects
Back to School

We love you and hope that our summer break includes YOU!
Kellie, Kels and Kids

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Jan thru March 2014 News

Chong Family Announcement...
Ben was accepted to BYU starting this summer semester!  Plan on Sunday dinners with us Ben!  Congrats to Ben...and Carri!

Pictures are from Ben's 18th birthday dance party.  Five friends, including Ben celebrated their 18th birthdays together...the word got out that there was a great dance party and 500 kids showed up to celebrate.  The chaperons had their work cut out for them that night.  Happy birthday Ben!

Girls Choice dance...Ben you're looking good!  And your date is beautiful as well.

Warenski News
Cierra was awarded the prestigious Super Knight Award for Service at her school.  This award is only given to a select few.  Congrats Cierra!


Sarah has traded tumbling for dance, at least until May.  She really loves it and participates!  Last time I put her in dance, she spun in the corner while singing to herself.  Now she does chasses!  And she LOVES the mirror in the studio, so that helps a ton!  The Preschool class focuses on ballet and tap.  She's not as excited about tap but she does love her shoes. 

David talks non stop.  He has surprised others with his vocabulary and he remembers everything I tell him.  He FINALLY gets to go to preschool next year and I think he will be ready.  He only makes the cut off by two days, so thankfully he was an August boy.  David also begs to wear underwear.  I let him for an hour at a time but night time and naps require a diaper.  He feels very big sitting on the potty and I can't wait until this is a regular thing.  And hopefully Sarah will follow.  You know how everyone says, "Don't worry, nobody ever went to Kindergarten in diapers."  Well, she might.  We'll see.

A couple of months ago, I received my second calling in our branch.  I have the privilege of working with the older primary girls at Achievement Days.  Our group is small (just like every other part of our branch) but these girls are a lot of fun and I enjoy working with them. 

Much love, the Gales

Maria's cute kids!
Wow do they remind us of Maria and Steven in their younger years...

Victory for Spencer at his Pinewood Derby!  Wahoo!

Head shots from the Little Mermaid play at Orangevale Open...more to come!

Dear Family,                                                                                                             March 2014
Yes, we are still alive and doing well.  The New Year came in at top speed and we are just now slowing down a bit…a bit I say!  My desk is looking a little more organized; Christmas cards filed, bills paid, 2014 calendar updated, Primary program at least looked at, school projects on their way, etc.  It feels good.

Happy New Year!

So maybe just a quick rundown of the last few months…more for my family history than yours!

Bianca announced that she was engaged earlier this year and then became dis-engaged with renewed plans for her future.  She thinks she would like to go back to school in the fall and we hope she does.  She is a good student.  We also hear she has a new job but not sure where she works.   

Jake closed out his basketball season a few weeks ago.  Both he and his team worked hard all season long and it paid off.  Jake has become an accomplished basketball player and quite fun to watch.  His coach was a little intense but Jake liked him and was very willing to put in the hours to be good.  He also played with our ward young men’s team.  We are not sure what comes next.  Hopefully a few more A’s on the report card!

 Kate has had a busy two months of fun.  She celebrated her 12th birthday with several different parties, one being a friend party in January.  She invited about 20 girls to a “Birthday Movie Night” at our house.  Kels and Jake decided to find something to do, away from the giggling girls…a nice dinner out.  Kate had a blast.  She is becoming a beautiful young lady with lots of reasons to be social.  I noticed that most of the girls she invited to the party had that same social agenda.  It was a fun movie night.

While Jake played basketball day in and day out Kate had a few things going on at school as well.

Kate’s Sixth Grade classes had a sock hop for Valentine’s Day.  Kate seems to think the 50’s were a lot of fun!

After the Sock Hop Kels and the kids took off for Las Vegas for the long President’s weekend.  They had a great time.  Loved being with Grandma Chatfield, loved the warm weather, the fishing, the entertainment on the LV strip, the Pawn Shop, and just getting away from the norm.

Jake even found a guy at a nearby park to play basketball with.  Jake said he was a really nice guy that had recently been cut from his basketball team.  Jake said they must have a really good basketball team cause this guy was pretty good. 

Another event that has taken up a lot of Kate’s time was rehearsing for the school play.  Kate just recently performed in Cinderella.  She loves to be on stage and the play was quite entertaining.  Kate was one of the very important dancing, singing mice.  She and another girl were being considered for the part of Cinderella but unfortunately Kate was far taller than the Prince.  Kate’s shorter friend Olivia was given the part…and did a fabulous job! 

Kels continues to stay busy from sun up to sun down.  He’s looking forward to the time change.  So he can go fishing with Jake after work!  Kels is enjoying his new job.  He calculates that he will have his accounting hours for his CPA by late spring or early summer.  That went by fast!  Then he can officially add the letters CPA after his name.  Not sure what that will do but at least he’s finally arrived!  We appreciate his hard work and dedication and his ability to remain pretty happy all along the way.

Like I said at the beginning of this letter…it feels good to be organized and able to contribute to fun things like the Jackson Chronicles.
Love you all.
Kellie, Kels, and Kids

Hi family!
it is Kate! a lot has been happening lately! I am in a play,I had the sock hop ( 50s dance valentines party), My friend birthday party (which was in january), Dr. Suess day which is where we read for part of the day, and my young womens basketball! we have won all of our games besides one because we had to forfeit. ( I was the only one there)  I have been having so much fun lately! Sad thing is today ( February 28th 2014) is my last play for elementry school! ( There goes my easy chance for getting in plays now) have a nice day! 
Randomly yours Kate!